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Welcome to Electric Cabaret

Electric Cabaret provides fabulous theatre, refreshing and unusual entertainment, surreal happenings, issue awareness, theatrical solutions for businesses, training and education for all...

From mime artists to human living statues and directing to consultancy.

Our performances aim to encapsulate and convey the leap of the imagination that is inherent in good expansive theatre, where literal is exchanged for abstract and concepts reign.

Electric Cabaret has 20+ years experience of delivering local, national and international theatre.


Street Theatre


Electric Cabaret specialises in the practical application of Mime, Clown, Living Statue, Street Theatre, Stiltwalking, Theatrical Characters, Bespoke Performances and the blend of these disciplines.

Our understanding of the solo and ensemble possibilities of physical theatre has led us to providing fabulous entertainment to some of the most prestigious events in Great Britain, Europe and beyond.   In 2010 we won the UK National Street Theatre competition.In 2014 we worked with Public Health England for the Stoptober Campaign.




We pride ourselves on our unique approach, blending disciplines to provide fabulous theatrical possibilities and ultimately great entertainment.



‘Electric Cabaret never cease to surprise me.  Their energy and commitment to characters are second to none and when working in ensemble they are a force to be reckoned with.   Hard working and reliable, I can honestly say they are one of my favourite groups and I try to use them wherever I can. I can guarantee that they will be a delight to watch and that my guests or clients will be truly happy.’  Alex Hogg , Director - Big Hand People 2013





Electric Cabaret regularly deliver high quality workshops, sharing their knowledge with young and old.

‘The workshop very effectively demonstrated the significant and overarching power of Mime and Non Verbal Communication through States of Tension, Gesture, Movement and Facial Expression. Physicality is the basis for all performance and mastery of it is key to aid the accessibility of performance for all types of audiences. The workshops covers the basic principles of mime . Ideal for beginners, teachers, performers and actors.’   C.Fleury Chasehigh School 2012

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Electric Cabaret have been providing role play actors for 5 years.  Adapting  improvisational skills to bespoke situations often given minutes before. Our skills as Mime Artists and Theatrical Characters mean we find ourselves in thousands of interactions weekly, those same skills enable us to adapt to and read situations quickly, allowing us to provide fantastic roleplay and roleplay advice.  We have provided actors at the Oxford University Press, London Business School and Judge Business School.

We have also helped with school inset days.

Its not just street theatre!

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